Thursday 20 June 2013

Therapeutic Tolerance Workshop 26-28 June 2013

In June 2013 we will host the third international workshop on Clinical Therapeutic Tolerance. The first, in June 2005 was entitled ‘Therapeutic Tolerance: Myth or Reality?’ In 2009 we entitled our workshop ‘Therapeutic Tolerance: Closer to Reality?’ For 2013 we have put together a further exciting programme, when we can start to discuss our attempts to induce and to measure therapeutic tolerance in the clinic. We have invited speakers from across the autoimmunity, transplantation and allergy fields and our provisional programme is attached.




The Third Newcastle Therapeutic Tolerance Workshop


26th-28th June 2013, Newcastle upon Tyne




Wednesday 26th June – Research Beehive, Newcastle University


Wednesday morning – delegates arrive for registration


Session 1- Tolerance Mechanisms           

                Dan Littman (New York, USA)     The Microbiome and Tolerance                

                Georg Holländer (Oxford, UK)    Central Tolerance Mechanisms

                Steve Cobbold (Oxford, UK)       Peripheral Tolerance Mechanisms

                Alan Mowatt (Glasgow, UK)        Mucosal Tolerance Mechanisms



Session 2- Tolerance Mechanisms           

                Peter Krammer (Heidelberg, Germany)                 Apoptosis and therapeutic tolerance

                Steve Anderton (Edinburgh, UK)              Tolerance and autoimmunity – interrogating the players

                Anne Cooke (Cambridge, UK)    Tolerance breakdown in murine diabetes

                Iain McInnes (Glasgow, UK)        Investigating immune tolerance – a systems biology approach




                Buffet dinner (Great North Museum)   



Thursday 27th June – Research Beehive, Newcastle University

Session 3- Cells and the maintenance of tolerance          

                Ethan Shevach (Maryland, USA)                Regulatory T Cells           

                Simon Fillatreau (Berlin, Germany)          B Cells and tolerance     

                Herman Waldmann (Oxford, UK               Cellular metabolism and tolerance          

                Chris Buckley (Birmingham, UK)                The role of the stroma in immune tolerance       

                Matthew Collin (Newcastle, UK)               Skin dendritic cells and graft versus host disease              




Session 4 – Immune modulating strategies in the clinic  

                Lucienne Chatenoud (Paris, France)        Anti-CD3 Therapy to Induce Tolerance  

                Joanna Jones (Cambridge, UK) Depletional tolerance in multiple sclerosis           

                Thomas Wekerke (Vienna, Austria)         Costimulation blockade in man, mechanisms and outcomes       

                Michael Ehrenstein (London, UK)             Manipulating cytokines to induce tolerance        




Session 5 – Immune modulating strategies in the clinic  

                David Wraith (Bristol, UK)             Peptide Induced Tolerance        

                Mark Larche (Ontario, Canada) Peptide therapy of allergy with a focus on response biomarkers               

                Berent Prakken (Utrecht Netherlands) Heat shock proteins and tolerance          

                Jacob van Laar (Newcastle, UK)                 Autologous stem cell transplantation     

                Sir Roy Calne (Cambridge, UK)   Prope tolerance – how near can we get?             





                Dinner (The Life Centre)              




Friday 28th June – Research Beehive, Newcastle University



Session 6 – Maximising clinical benefits of tolerogenic therapies

                Andrew Mellor (Georgia, USA) Indoleamine dioxygenase and tolerance


                Robert Lechler (London, UK)      Biomarker of tolerance induction

                Andrew Cope (London, UK)        Can we define a true remission state in RA?

                Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo (London, UK)     Iron metabolism and transplantation tolerance

                John Isaacs (Newcastle, UK)       Getting the timing right

                David Wofsy (California, USA)    Designing a therapeutic tolerance trial







Session 7 – Tolerogenic dendritic cells

                Ranjeny Thomas (Brisbane, Australia)    Tolerogenic DCs in rheumatoid arthritis

                Catharien Hilkens (Newcastle, UK)           AuToDeCRA

                Angus Thomson (Pittsburgh, USA)           Tolerogenic dendritic cells in transplantation





Session 8 – Cellular Therapies

                Kathryn Wood (Oxford, UK)        Regulatory T cell in transplantation

                Giovanna Lombardi (London, UK)             Optimising therapy with regulatory T cells

                David Klatzmann (Paris, France)                Interleukin-2 and regulatory T cell expansion

                Alan Tyndall (Basel, Switzerland)               Mesenchymal Stem Cells – The Holy Grail




                Closing remarks               


Poster Presentations


Abstract submission deadline 14th March 2013 For those wishing to submit a poster presentation, please provide a 350 word abstract (no more than 1 side of A4), with up to 1 figure or table and include subheadings (Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion).


Abstracts should be sent to (you will hear before the end of March whether your abstract has been accepted).


For further information please contact Lisa Tait (


Places are limited so please make sure you register soon to avoid disappointment.

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