Tuesday 14 January 2014

ICM students' seminar, Wednesday 15 January 2014, 1.00pm, Room L2.5, 2nd floor, Leech Bldg, Medical School




Institute Research Student Seminars

Speakers:  Laura Corbett, PhD student (Liver), Jonathan Richardson, PhD student (Pharmacology & Toxicology) and Dr Fiona Smith, Research Associate (Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre)


Venue: Seminar room L2.5, 2nd floor, Leech Building, Medical School

Date and time:  Wednesday 15 January 2014 at 1.00pm


Laura Corbett will present:


“Wnt Signalling and Hepatic Stellate Cells”.

My project explores how the Wnt signalling pathway influences the behaviour of hepatic stellate cells in liver fibrosis with particular focus on the contribution of canonical vs non-canonical Wnt signalling.

Key words:  Fibrosis, Wnt Signalling


Jonathan Richardson will discuss:


“Generalisability of pregnancy pharmacovigilance data”.


This presentation will briefly introduce some of the key pharmacoepidemiological techniques employed in teratogen surveillance, and examine limitations in their methodologies which impact on the extrapolation of study results to the general pregnant population.


Key words: Pregnancy, Pharmacovigilance, Teratogen


Dr Fiona Smith will speak on:


"Diurnal variation of skeletal muscle and liver glycogen concentration in healthy subjects

and well controlled type 2 diabetes".


Skeletal muscle plays a major role in glucose homeostasis. Meal carbohydrate is stored as glycogen in muscle and liver. Glycogen depots allow rapid storage of glucose. This mechanism has not been studied in Type 2 diabetes. Diurnal changes in skeletal muscle and liver glycogen concentration were compared in Type 2 Diabetes and healthy subjects.


Keywords:   Type 2 Diabetes, Liver and muscle glycogen, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Chair:  Sadaf Atarod, PhD student (Haematology)








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