Wednesday 2 April 2014

MRG Lab Meeting: Osteoarthritis and Osteosarcoma

Friday 4th April 2014 at 9.00am in the Baddiley Clark Lecture Theatre.




Rachel Harry - Post Doc (PI - John Isaacs)




Kenny Rankin - Title of Talk "Evaluation of MT1-MMP as a novel biomarker in osteosarcoma"


Adrian Falconer - 1st year PhD Student (PI - Drew Rowan) Title of Talk "The role of non-catalytic domains in the serine proteinase matriptase"


Emma Rogers - MRes/PhD Student (PI - John Loughlin - second supervisors Kenny Rankin and Louise Reynard) Title of Talk "The functional analysis of a novel osteoarthritis susceptibility locus on chromosome 9q33.1"


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