Wednesday 6 August 2014

Osteoarthritis Research Day 10th September 2014

Grand Hotel - Tynemouth

12:00 - 18:00

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 Tim Hardingham, University of Manchester "The challenge of treating Osteoarthritis, a complex disease"

13:20 John Isaacs, Newcastle University "RA pathogenesis"

13:40 Dylan Edwards, University of East Anglia "Metalloproteinases as therapeutic targets – where to next?"

14:00 Fraser Birrell, Newcastle University, "OA"

14:20 Amy Naylor, University of Birmingham "The mesenchymal stromal cell marker CD248 in bone destruction and repair"

14:40 Ian Clark, University of East Anglia "'You are what you eat: can diet impact upon osteoarthritis?'"

15:00 Tea Break

15:30 Graham Riley, University of East Anglia "25 years studying tendon, and what do I know?"

15:50 David Young, Newcastle University "Epigenetics of chondrogenesis"

16:10 Tonia Vincent, University of Oxford "'shifting paradigms in OA pathogenesis'

16:30 John Loughlin, Newcastle University, "Functional genomics of OA"

16:50 Mary Goldring, Hospital for Special Surgery, NY "OA & cartilage"

17:10 Drew Rowan, Newcastle University "Proteinases, proteolysis and cartilage"

And Tim Cawston's Valedictory Address?

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