Wednesday 10 December 2014

“A novel defect in the IFN alpha signalling pathway”




Institute Research Student Seminars

Speakers:  Siti Mohamad & Eleana Pappa


Venue: Seminar room L2.5, 2nd floor, William Leech Building, Medical School

Date and time:  Wednesday 10th December 2014 at 12.30


Siti Mohamad will present:


"A novel defect in the IFN alpha signalling pathway"

(Sophie Hambleton: Primary Immunodeficiency Group)


IFN alpha signalling is responsible for protecting the body against viruses. We found a novel defect in the IFN alpha signalling pathway in a patient with a severe disseminated MMR vaccine.


Key words: Viral susceptibility, IFN alpha signalling, novel defect


Eleana Pappa will discuss:


"Transcriptional and Phenotypic Characterization of Hepatic Stellate Cells"

(Derek Mann: Fibrosis Group)


Correlation of liver stiffness with fibrosis progression has been observed in many liver diseases. Hepatic stellate cells (HSC) are the main scaring forming cells in liver fibrosis. Activation of HSC from quiescent to myofibroblasts is the initial step for fibrosis development. In this project we evaluate the importance of substrate stiffness as driving force for HSC activation.


Key words: Liver fibrosis, Hydrogels, HSC 


Chair:  Kile Green







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