Monday 19 October 2015

Tackling Fatigue: Multi-Disciplinary Teams at the CRESTA Clinic

Fatigue is a debilitating symptom affecting quality of life and ability to perform daily activities, and is experienced by up to 70% of patients with rheumatological diseases. Many patients do not feel their fatigue is appropriately managed by their medical teams, and no services up until this point enabled patients with chronic
fatigue, irrespective of their longterm physical health condition, to access a multidisciplinary team. The CRESTA Fatigue Clinic was formed in response to this unmet need. It is a novel approach to treating on symptom based,
not disease-based, criteria. It has proved successful and we suggest it is the future of managing fatigue in chronic


Rebecca L Lambson, Julia L Newton, Victoria Strassheim, Zoe M Gotts, Vincent Deary, Katie L Hackett 2015 The evolution of the Newcastle CRESTA Fatigue Clinic: a unique NHS multidisciplinary approach to fatigue. Journal of Rheumatology Occupational Therapy, 29, 7-11.




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