Monday 20 May 2019


Including Nicola Smith on Paediatric Musculoskeletal Care...




ICM Research in Progress Seminar

Monday 20th May


Anastasia Resteu

(Dr Venetia Bigley, Prof Matthew Collin, Dr Roman Bauer)

Differential IRF8 requirement defines two pathways of dendritic cell development in vivo

Dendritic cells (DCs) are specialised antigen-processing and presenting cells with critical roles in the regulation of immunity. Human DC subsets develop in the bone marrow under the control of specific transcription factors, mutation of which can result in dendritic cell immunodeficiency in humans. However, how human DCs develop from haematopoietic stem cells is not well mapped.

Single cell transcriptomics, combined with phenotyping and in vitro culture of healthy controls were used to define two distinct pathways of DC development. Their differential requirement for transcription factor IRF8 was interrogated through the analysis of a unique series of patients with IRF8 mutations.


Nicola Smith

(Prof Helen Foster)

Evaluation of Educational Resources Designed to Facilitate Access to Care for Children with Musculoskeletal Conditions

Children with musculoskeletal diseases have a delay in access to specialist care, with impact on quality of life, development and long term outcomes. If we are to achieve our goal of raising awareness and early recognition of rheumatic disease in childhood through education, we need to understand if, and how, our e-resources lead to change in clinical practice. Our work focuses on developing and piloting an evaluation strategy of the e-resources in real-time, across the stakeholder groups, in order to allow iterative development, optimise uptake and gain insights on impact.


Chair: Henrique De Paula Lemos Dental Lecture Theatre D

1pm - 2pm