Monday 12 August 2013

Musculoskeletal Research Team featured in the Industry Newsletter July 2013

The Musculoskeletal Research Team at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital has successfully introduced new working systems over the past 12 months to promote clinical trials. These include the development of a project tracking database (the 'Hub') to monitor all studies, an internal website accessible to consultants, specialist nurses and research staff both at the Clinical Research Facility and Freeman hospital, and the availability of an on-call research nurse. The database Hub works in conjunction with the website, and is proving to be an effective tool for identifying potential patients for clinical re-search in a busy Outpatients' Department. The webpage provides a brief study summary, a synopsis of main eligibility criteria and immediate access to current patient information leaflets. Clinic staff are actively encouraged to contact the research team via phone and email with any queries or potential participants. The on-call Research Nurse is readily available to advise on any study with staff or patients.

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