Thursday 8 May 2014

Sarah Teichmann Gene Expression Genomics in T Cells

Professor Sarah Teichmann—Thursday 8 May @ 2 pm, David Shaw Lecture Theatre

Group Leader, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute & Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

Prof. Teichmann is a leading figure in systems biology and one of the most influential scientists of our generation. Her work has been acknowledged by a number of prizes including the Colworth Medal of the Biochemical Society, the Crick Lecture of the Royal Society, the Lister Research Prize and the EMBO Young Investigator Award. Prof. Teichmann is also an editor of Science.


"Gene expression genomics in T cells"

T helper cells are central to mammalian adaptive immunity, as the different subtypes modulate the immune system by either activating or repressing it. These cells are easily experimentally accessible as they are non-adherent, and can be studied ex vivo or in vitro. We have used this system to study basic principles of the global regulation of gene expression using next generation sequencing technologies, both at the level of populations of cells (Hebenstreit et al., 2011, Mol Sys Biol; Hebenstreit et al., 2011, Nucleic Acids Res) and at the level of single cells (Brennecke et al., Nature Methods, 2013). Our bulk and single cell RNA-sequencing data has also directed our attention to a potential new signalling system in T helper cells based on steroid production by these cells, illustrating the power of this genomic approach for providing specific biological insights (Mahata et al., Cell Reports, in press).


Faculty contact:  Diego Miranda-Saavedra (, ext. 8590


Sponsored by: LICOR



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