Wednesday 22 June 2016

Another batch of promising talks...

The MRG Lab Meeting will be taking place on Friday 24th June 2016 at 9.00am in the Baddiley Clark Seminar Room. 

Joe Willet (Research Associate - Supervisor - Sophie Hambleton)
Alex Clark (MRes/PhD Student - Supervisor - Arthur Pratt) Title of Talk "Characterisation of CD4+ Lymphocyte eQTLs in early arthritis patients"
Alvin Lakmudin (MRes Student - Supervisor - David Young) Title of Talk “miRNA inhibition vs CRISPR-Cas9 mediated deletion: the role of mirna 455 in chondrocytes”
Will Thompson (MRes/PhD Student – Supervisors - John Loughlin, Louise Reynard and Catharien Hilkens) "Do Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Loci Drive GM-CSF Expression in CD4 T cells?"


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