Tuesday 29 November 2016

Coming Soon! Therapeutic Tolerance Workshop 27-30th June 2017


Therapeutic Tolerance Workshop 27-30th June 2017


Confirmed speakers

R Germain (Bethesda, USA)

Keynote address: Imaging the immune system


G Hollander (Oxford, UK)

The thymus – an update


E Shevach (Bethesda, USA)

Regulatory T cells


F Powrie (Oxford, UK)

Manipulating the microbiome for tolerance induction


D Sansom (London, UK)

What does CTLA4 really do?


S Khleif (Augusta, USA)

Title TBC


T Johnson (Augusta, USA)

Trials and tribulations in breaking tumour tolerance


PP Tak (Stevenage, UK)

Immunomodulation by vagal nerve stimulation


H Jonuleit (Mainz, Germany)

Tolerogenic targets in regulatory T cells


I Anegon (Nantes, France)

Novel mechanisms in tolerance induction


J Isaacs (Newcastle, UK)

Update on the RA-MAP consortium


M Hernandez-Fuentes (London, UK)

Biomarkers in transplantation tolerance


G Kassiotis (London, UK)

Endogenous retroviruses and the breakdown of immune tolerance


G Lombardi (London, UK)

Tregs in kidney transplantation


R Thomas (Brisbane Australia)

A platform for peptide therapeutics


G Schett (Erlangen, Germany)

Autoantibodies as tolerance biomarkers


M Trucco (Pittsburgh, USA)

Tolerogenic therapies for type I diabetes


A Cope (London, UK)

Treating very early autoimmunity


M Rosenzwajg (Paris, France)

Low dose IL-2 therapy

L Chatenoud (Paris, France)

Anti-CD3 – an update


A Coles (Cambridge, UK)

Alemtuzumab in Multiple Sclerosis


M Ehrenstein (London, UK)

Anti-TNF as a tolerogenic therapy


A Mellor (Newcastle, UK)

IDO and tolerance – where are we now?


D Howie (Oxford, UK)

How FoxP3 regulates immune metabolism


L Graca (Lisbon, Portugal)

Tolerance to Factor VIII


H Waldmann (Oxford, UK)

Novel antibodies with improved properties?


J van Laar (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Hematologic transplantation as a therapy for autoimmunity


A Radbruch (Berlin, Germany)

Restoring B cell tolerance


F van Wijk (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Resetting T cell regulation in JIA


M Bernardo (Milan, Italy)

Mesenchymal for tolerance induction


D Wraith (Birmingham, UK)

Peptide therapy in MS and other conditions


L Klareskog (Stockholm, Sweden)

Evolution of an autoimmune disease


P Trzonkowski (Gdansk, Poland)

Treg therapies in type I diabetes


C Mauri (London, UK)

Regulator B Cells


K Kishimoto (Massachusetts , USA)

Tolerogenic nanoparticles


R Wilkinson (Cambridge, UK)

Title TBC


D Vignali (Pittsburgh, USA)

Title TBC


M Peakman (London, UK)

Peptide therapy in diabetes


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