Monday 2 October 2017

TEDx is coming to Newcastle University!

After only three days of recruitment at the Newcastle Societies Fair, we have had 460 people express their interest in TEDxNewcastleUniversity society. 

So, as a result, we are having two taster sessions:

Wednesday 7pm & Thursday 6pm 

@Kings Gate level 1 (Career Service area)

FREE for all!

Come along to check it our if you are still deciding joining us!

You will also have a chance to get to know what the society is all about and see all the amazing opportunities available to you through TEDx. We will introduce ourselves and our aims for this year as well as tell you a bit more about how you can get involved in TEDx conference in March!

Please click the button below to join our Facebook group for updates on everything that is happening at TED world straight to your News Feed.
Also visit our Taster Session event page for more information and click on "GOING" so we know the appoximate number of people who are going to turn up.

Click here for TEDxNewcastleUniversity Taster Session event

How do you join the TEDx SOCIETY?
It is just £5 to join the TEDx society and become a member.

Visit our NUSU page put membership to your basket and continue with the payment :)

The quicker you pay to join the society, the more money we get to hold awesome sessions!

This includes:
1. FREE entry to all of our workshops and sessions (involving live speakers!)

2. FREE beverages and snacks provided in our sessions
3. FREE or discounted entry to all of our socials

4. DISCOUNTED entry along with other benefits in the TEDxNewcastleUniversity conference in March 2018!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We hope to see you at the taster!

The TEDx Newcastle University Society committee 😊

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