Tuesday 12 November 2013

Sandy Tse: Cartilage Resorption in Osteoarthritis

Institute Research Student Seminars

Speakers:  Sandy Tse, PhD student,


Venue: Seminar room L2.3, 2nd floor, Leech Building, Medical School

Date and time:  Wednesday 13 November 2013 at 1.00pm



“Investigating the novel serine proteinase SPUVE and its role in cartilage resorption

in osteoarthritis.”


The aim of this project is to fully characterise the trypsin-like serine proteinase SPUVE (also known as PRRS23).  SPUVE is predicted to promote cartilage resorption in osteoarthritis since it is one of the most significantly up-regulated genes in cartilage from OA patients compared to non-diseased cartilage.


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