Thursday 12 December 2013

More Publications from MRG this Month

Predictors of access to care in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus: evidence from the UK JSLE Cohort Study
Eve M. D. Smith; Helen E. Foster; William K. Gray; David Taylor-Robinson; Michael W. Beresford;
Rheumatology 2013; doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/ket402


pGALS – paediatric Gait Arms Legs and Spine: a simple examination of the musculoskeletal system

Foster, H.E.  and Jandial, S.

Pediatric Rheumatology 2013, 11:44


Improving the peer review process in orthopaedic journals

Sprowson, A.P., Rankin, K.S., McNamara, I., Costa, M.L. and Rangan, A.

Bone Joint Res 2013; 2:245-247


No evidence of an association between mitochondrial DNA variants and osteoarthritis in 7393 cases and 5122 controls.

Hudson, G., Panoutsopoulou, K., Wilson, I., Southam, L., Rayner, N.W., Arden, N., Birrell, F., Carluke, I., Carr, A., Chapman, K., Deloukas, P., Doherty, M., McCaskie, A., Ollier, W.E.R., Ralston, S.H., Reed, M.R., Spector, T.D., Valdes, A.M., Wallis, G.A., Wilkinson, J.M., Zeggini, E., Samuels, D.C., Loughlin, J., Chinnery, P.F., arcOGEN Consortium

Ann Rheum Dis,2013; 72:136-139/ doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2012-201932


A computer simulation approach for assessing therapeutic intervention points to prevent cytokine-induced cartilage breakdown.

CJ Proctor, C Macdonald, JM Milner, AD Rowan, TE Cawston (doi 10.1002/art.38297)  Arthritis &  Rheumatism


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