Monday 2 June 2014

BIOINFORMATICS & SYSTEMS BIOLOGY SEMINAR - David Westhead – University of Leeds—Friday 6 June @ 1 pm, Research Beehive room 2.21

David Westhead – University of Leeds—Friday 6 June @ 1.15 pm, Research Beehive room 2.21

 "High-throughput data, bioinformatics and its application to normal and aberrant genetic regulation in blood cells"

High-throughput sequencing has revolutionised our ability to generate data relevant to genetic regulation. I will discuss recent work we have been doing to integrate expression data (RNA-seq) with ChIP-seq data for transcription factor binding and chromatin marking in order to understand the genetic regulation of blood cell (myeloid) development. I will also discuss our work on aberrant regulation in leukaemia and how we are starting to translate this work into the clinic. 

Faculty contact:  Diego Miranda-Saavedra (, ext. 8590

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