Wednesday 11 March 2015

Innovation and Biodesign - 12th March Seminar

Lucille Valentine - Newcastle University Business School and the Faculty of Medical Sciences


Do you have bright idea for a product? Has your research uncovered a fundamental discovery that you are certain can be applied to help many people? Is there a particular healthcare need that you care about personally and would like to – somehow – solve; and roll out to others? There are stages that need to have been gone through to reach a proof of concept. This is a way to generate the story of your concept and the problem that you are solving – for use when talking to business development or investment people, to new partners or team members.


Lucille was one of the founders of, and also teaches on, the new MRes module Medical Technology Innovation, a joint initiative between Newcastle University Business School and Newcastle Biomedicine.


With reference to the methodology which is taught on the module – which is based on Stanford University’s Biodesign methodology – Lucille will illustrate the value of the innovation cycle and where any individual or team could enter it.


DATE:   12th March 2015

TIME:           12.45-2pm

VENUE:  Beehive room 2.21


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