Monday 16 May 2016

Environment, epigenetics and human diseases...





PI Seminar Series


Speaker:         Dr Hyang-Min Byun, Newcastle University Research Fellow

Venue:      Baddiley Clark Seminar Room

Date:              16th May 2016

Time:              13.00-14.00



Dr Hyang-Min Byun will present:


‘Environmental exposures, epigenetics and human diseases’





The environment can influence human health and disease in many harmful ways. Many epidemiological studies have been conducted with the aim of elucidating associations between environmental exposures and human disease at the molecular and pathological levels and such associations can often be through induced epigenetic changes. There are number of epigenetic studies, particularly focussed on DNA methylation, investigating the impact of environmental exposures such as air pollution and diets. The two cellular organelles that contain DNA are the nucleus and mitochondria, and both of them are affected by environmental exposures. Here, I will discuss nuclear and mitochondrial epigenetics, and the evidence linking environmental exposures to epigenetic changes and their subsequent implication in human disease.





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