Monday 29 January 2018

ICM Research Seminar - Wednesday 31st January - Dental Lecture Theatre F - 1pm

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ICM Research Seminar

Wednesday 31st January


Khalil Elgendy

(Prof John Mathers, Dr Fiona Malcomson)

DNA methylation as a biomarker of colorectal cancer risk: evaluation of surrogate tissues

This research project aims to investigate the relationship between DNA methylation in different tissues (longitudinal and cross-sectional approaches) in context of colorectal cancer (CRC) risk which may have an impact on development of more informative biomarkers for assessment of CRC risk and potential use as surrogate outcomes in studies of CRC prevention.


Dr Peter Vegh

(Prof Muzlifah Haniffa)

Application of single-cell RNA analysis in immunology

Modern sequencing technologies allow us to individually measure the transcriptomes of thousands of cells from the same sample. As the transcriptome is a good reflection of cell type and function, we employ this approach to examine the composition of human tissues, with a particular focus on the immune system. This presentation describes the workflow and illustrates its use in our study of healthy human skin. Our aim is to map and catalogue cell heterogeneity, an important step to understanding the immune system.


Chair: Carl Dale

Dental Lecture Theatre F, Medical School 1pm - 2pm




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