Monday 15 January 2018

Mass spectrometry and proteomics: All you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Matthias Trost, the new Professor of Proteomics, would like to invite all institute PGR students, post-docs and PIs to attend a lecture series on the basics in mass spectrometry and proteomics that he is presenting as part of the Faculty's PGR Development Programme



The lectures cover what Matthias considers the absolute basics in mass spec and proteomics, including the newest methods developed in the last years. The aim would be that this basic knowledge will help you designing better experiments and understand possibilities as well as limitations of proteomics.


PGR students should register attendance in the usual manner ( so that the session appears in your eportfolio. Post-docs and PIs do not need to register.


Mon Jan 22nd 2018, 15:00               (Mass spec basics 1 – basic of mass measurement, ionisation techniques) Dental Lecture Theatre E

Mon Jan 29th 2018, 15:00                (Mass spec basics 2 – mass analysers, detectors, tandem mass spectrometry) RB Green Lecture Theatre, Dental School

Mon Feb 5th  2018, 15:00                (Mass spec basics 3 – fragmentation techniques, hybrid instruments) Dental Lecture Theatre E

Mon Feb 12th 2018, 15:00               (Proteomics basics 1 – what is proteomics?, sample preparation, experimental design) Dental Lecture Theatre F

Mon Feb 19th 2018, 15:00               (Proteomics basics 2 – search engines, databases, FDR, data analysis, data visualisation, quantification techniques) Dental Lecture Theatre C

Mon Feb 26th 2018, 15:00               (Proteomics basics 3 – fractionation techniques, phosphorylation and other PTMs) Dental Lecture Theatre E


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