Friday 11 October 2019

PSORT Showcase - 18th November 2019, Royal College of Physicians, London

The PSORT (Psoriasis Stratification to Optimise Relevant Therapy) Stratified Medicine Consortium will host a one day Showcase event at the Royal College of Physicians, London to highlight its progress, achievements and plans for the future.

Formed by dermatologists, industry partners (including pharmaceutical companies), the British Association of Dermatologists and importantly, the Psoriasis Association, PSORT was established to determine whether it could predict which patients with psoriasis would respond best to a particular biologic drug. This, rather than the existing system of "trial and error" prescribing, would allow new treatment plans to be devised that would be personalised to the individual with psoriasis.  If successful, such stratification might also achieve cost savings to the NHS and aid the pharmaceutical industry in the development of new drugs for psoriasis.

The Showcase will focus on how the key aspects of our programme have worked together for patient benefit. It will feature invited lectures by leading international speakers (academic, clinical, industry) interspersed amongst updates from scientists and clinicians from the PSORT team. These will be supplemented by a lunchtime poster exhibition. The day concludes with a networking wine reception.

The Showcase is free to attend and is open to the research community, industry, founders and patients alike.

Join us as we discuss how our findings might be of relevance to you. 

To register, please use the BAD registration link



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