Tuesday 21 January 2014

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Seminar Series--David Martin, University of Dundee, 28 Jan@4pm



"Bioinformatics in the wild - understanding biology through new bioinformatics tool development"

Dr David Martin - University of Dundee


Tue 28 Jan @ 4pm, Research Beehive room 2.21


Biology has been changing dramatically over the last decades. We have moved from technically-challenging single gene studies which would define a career to high throughput data collection and interpretation. New technologies require new tools, and new technologies open up questions that were previously unanswerable. During this talk examples will be given of how a variety of new tools have contributed to key biological discoveries from the metabolism of Malaria, high throughput function prediction, phospho-proteomics in sleeping sickness and the challenges of genome assembly in plants.


How do we develop the skills to ask questions of a data rich science in the next generation of scientists? Dundee has undergone a complete renewal of its Life Sciences curriculum and new approaches to address data literacy in undergraduate and postgraduate courses have been implemented.  The impact of these changes on the student experience and learning outcomes will be discussed.


Faculty contact:  Diego Miranda-Saavedra (diego.miranda-saavedra@ncl.ac.uk), ext. 8590

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