Tuesday 9 December 2014

Human tissue mononuclear phagocyte systems 12pm Lecture Theatre E, Dental School


Speaker: Dr Muzz Haniffa, Institute of Cellular Medicine


Venue: Lecture Theatre E, Dental School

Date and Time: Tuesday 9th December at 12-1300



Dr Haniffa will present:

''Human tissue mononuclear phagocyte systems revisited''



Dendritic cells (DCs), monocytes and macrophages are a heterogeneous population of mononuclear cells that are specialized in antigen processing and presentation to initiate and regulate immune responses. There has been a paradigm shift in our understanding of mononuclear phagocytes beyond the traditional view of DCs and macrophages as derivatives of monocytes.

While harnessing DCs and macrophages for therapeutic purposes has major implications for infection, vaccine science, transplantation, tolerance induction, inflammation and cancer immunotherapy, the use of monocyte-derived cells in therapy has so far been underwhelming.  This is due to our incomplete understanding of human mononuclear phagocyte biology.


In this seminar, I will present our current understanding of the human mononuclear phagocyte network, illustrate the origin and functional differences between DCs and macrophages, demonstrate the utility of comparative biology analysis to identify the homologous cell populations in human and mouse and how this approach has been instrumental in unraveling the complexity of mononuclear phagocyte heterogeneity in both species.     


Chair: Dr Alison Tyson -Capper



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