Thursday 19 February 2015

Systems Biology, Psoriasis, Therapeutic Stratification, and PSORT




PI Seminar Series



Speaker: Professor Nick Reynolds. Professor of Dermatology


Venue: Lecture Theatre D, Dental School


Date and Time: 19th February 2015 at 1300-14.00


Professor Nick Reynolds will present:


‘’ Application of systems biology to understanding of psoriasis plaque resolution and therapeutic stratification’’




Despite recent advances in understanding of immune pathogenesis of psoriasis, mechanisms involved in resolution of psoriatic plaques in response to therapy remain poorly defined.  Research using the specific topical treatment dithranol and narrowband UVB phototherapy identified keratinocyte apoptosis as an important potential mechanism in plaque remodelling.  Agent-based systems biology models facilitated quantitative assessment and testing of specific alternative hypotheses.  This paradigm is now being applied to therapeutic stratification of biological therapy in psoriasis (PSORT



Chair: Dr Penny Lovat






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