Tuesday 9 February 2016

New Starters

Welcome to our new MRG Undergraduate Project Students:

  • Olivia Rosie Wilkinson  (Supervisors–David Young/David Wilkinson)
  • Jane Ng Wei Ting    (Supervisors–David Young/Matt Barter)
  • Rachel Theobald   (Supervisors–Sophie Hambleton/Karin Engelhardt)
  • Emma Louise Dinnigan   (Supervisors–Sophie Hambleton/Karin Engelhardt)
  • Jennifer Combe    (Supervisors–John Loughlin/Colin Shepherd)
  • Susana Keane    (Supervisors–John Loughlin/Amanda Villalvilla)
  • Michael David Robbins   (Supervisors–Desa Lilic/Tariq AlShehri)
  • Samuel Christopher Mitchell  (Supervisors–Desa Lilic/Tariq AlShehri)
  • Helene Anne-Marie Pans   (Supervisors–Arthur Pratt/Amy Anderson)

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