Thursday 9 March 2017

Big Data Bioinformatics - Monday 13th March




PI Seminar Series



Speaker:              Prof. Anil Wipat, Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems Group (ICOS), School of Computing Science.

Venue:            Baddiley Clark Seminar Room

Date:               Monday 13th March 2017

Time:               13.00-14.00



Professor Anil Wipat will present:


'Pulling it all together: Integrating biological data and bioinformatics

tools for biodata mining"




Biological datasets are increasing in size and complexity. Making sense of these data is challenging and requires approaches to clean up the data, integrate data together and innovative approaches to mining these integrated data. Often, it is also necessary to join up biological tools into workflows to carry out a common tasks that operate over multiple datasets. Our group researches novel approaches to all of these tasks, to provide tools that are able to cope with large, complex and heterogeneous data. In this talk I will outline some of these approaches and demonstrate how they are being applied to mining for drug repurposing opportunities and to the discovery of novel diagnostic biomarkers for the development of diagnostics for infectious disease.

Chair: Professor Muzz Haniffa

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