Thursday 3 April 2014

Powerpoint to High Resolution .tff and .jpg Files for Journal Submission

From ppt slides:

-          Save ppt as pdf

-          To create Fig with multiple graphs: open new ppt file with slide in A4 format

-          Copy paste (with edit-snapshot tool) individual figures to A4 format

-          Save as single multiple figure



To transfer from ppt to photoshop (see also FlowJo instructions) :

-          Go to RAS – open Photoshop

-          From ppt file, copy figure (ctrl A (copy all), ctrl C (copy)

-          Click on Photoshop

-          File – new – opends dialog box

-          Select “clipboard” & add file name (leave grayscale for B&W or CMYK/RGB for colour) – click ok – opens sheet

-          Click on sheet – ctrl V (pastes all)



From photoshop menu:

-          Image – image size

-          change resolution to 300 or 600 dpi – ok (fig hugely enlarges)

-          from menu select “Layer”

-          go dwon drop-down menu to “Flatten image”

-          go to File – save as

-          select tiff/jpeg & give file name

-          save to your PC



April 2014

Desa Lilic


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