Monday 28 April 2014

SEMINAR TOMORROW 29 April at 2 pm BGI Omics Projects Share for the past 15 years - Dr. Jian TU


Dr. Jian TU – Project Director of BGI Europe—Tuesday 29 April @ 2 pm, Dental Lecture Theatre E



"BGI Omics Projects Share for the past 15 years"

Dr. Jian TU will provide an overview of the most important projects and share demo cases for human, animal/plant and microbial genomics research, from DNA, RNA and epigenetics to the protein level, from 1999-2014.


The BGI (previously known as the Beijing Genomics Institute) is the world’s largest genomics research institute, producing >25% of the world’s genomic data. The BGI was originally set up in 1999 by the Chinese government as their official research institute in their share of the Human Genome Project. Today the BGI is credited with key achievements such as the first de novo sequencing of mammalian and human genomes from short-read data (next-gen sequencing), produced proof-of-principle for the sequencing of the microbiome of the human digestive tract (~150 times larger than the human genome), the sequencing of the SARS virus genome, and so far those of 57,000 different people. Some of BGI’s current research projects include the 1000 human genomes project, the Diabetes-associated Genes and Variations Study, the Cancer Genome Project, and the 10,000 microbial genomes project. In 2014, BGI was reported to be producing 500 genetically-modified cloned pigs a year to test new medicines with genomics readout technology.

Faculty contact:  Diego Miranda-Saavedra (, ext. 8590

Sponsored by: BGI

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